July 14, 2024

PKT Mining Pools

PKT announcement mining supports multi-pool mining. This means that you can add more than one pool to your announcement miner configuration. What does that look like? See the image below:

pkt announcement miner start parameters

As you can see, you simply add the URLs to all of the different pools you want to mine to on the startup configuration. The benefit of having more than one pool in your configuration is that you will get paid from all of the pools you are mining to whenever they find a block.

Blocks are usually found every 60 seconds. If you only mine to one pool, you will more than likely receive rewards less often than every 60 seconds.

One very important tip to consider if you are looking to start ann mining is to experiment with the pool order. The order in which you have pools listed in your configuration (as shown above) will affect the amount of PKT you earn. It’s beneficial to experiment with different orders. If you don’t want to experiment with different orders, check out our live pool order earning results page.

At the time of writing, these are the pools that are winning blocks (in no particular order) and worth adding to your mining configuration:

– https://pool.pkt.world
– https://stratum.zetahash.com
– http://pool.pkteer.com (Defunct)
– http://pool.pktpool.io (Defunct)

Some pools find more blocks than others. If you want to know which pool is finding the most blocks visit the PKT World explorer. There, you can also see how much you have earned amongst other interesting stats. Simply enter your wallet address into the text box there and your mining stats will populate.

Quick Tips

Every pool runs on and decides their own configuration parameters such as mining difficulty and earning share percentages. They are fully controlled by each pool’s owner(s). By mining to a pool you are essentially supporting them. Pools need announcements in order to find blocks. Without announcements they would have a harder time finding blocks. So make sure you mine to pools you support and if possible refrain from mining to pools you don’t support.

Some pools will also payout less earnings for ann mining originating from cloud computing platforms such as AWS, Google Cloud, and IBM etc. Other pools will ban wallets and or IPs originating from such cloud providers.

Additionally, some pools in a competitive spirit may instate rules where they will only pay you rewards if you place their pool first within your mining configuration. The pool that occupies position 1 in your mining configuration sets the difficulty level of your mining software. For this reason certain pool owners will make a push to have their pool be first so they can set miners difficulty and allow them to receive announcements with the difficulty they prefer.

Some pools sometimes also set rules as to what level of difficulty announcements they accept. For example, pool A may only accepts 1024 difficulty or higher and pool B only accepts 2048 or higher.

In this case you should put pool B first. If you set it to the reverse of that you may not get paid by pool B or the lower difficulty announcements.