July 14, 2024

Learn how to mine PKT with a Raspberry Pi

Have you ever considered making money with that Raspberry Pi you have lying around? It’s certainly possible! There is a crypto coin called PKT. This cryptocurrency is a bandwidth hard proof of work based blockchain.

In terms of mining, PKT can be mined in 1 or 2 ways. The first one is block mining. This involves setting up a pool and using announcements to find blocks and get PKT rewards whenever you find a block. This requires a very large amount of computing resources and expertise.

The 2nd way is by mining announcements. This type of mining can be accomplished with just about anything that has a CPU (even things like a cellphone) and does not require a ton of expertise or resources.

This article will specifically be covering how to start mining announcements with a Raspberry Pi.

Installation Instructions

Step 1: Acquire a Raspberry Pi

If you already have one, skip to step 2. If you don’t have one, visit the Pi official website and find a official distributor of Pis. https://www.raspberrypi.com/products/

If you have a local Micro Center you can probably find them there too. Whatever you do, don’t buy from scalpers.

Step 2: Install Ubuntu Server on your Pi

This is a very crucial step. You want to make sure you use Ubuntu 20.04 or Ubuntu 22.04. In our tests, operating systems like Raspbian did not work or were a lot more difficult to make work.

At this link you will find a super easy to follow guide for how to install Ubuntu server on your Pi.


Step 3: Connect Your Pi To The Internet and SSH in

The easiest way to get your raspberry pi to connect to the internet is by using an Ethernet cable. Additionally you would also use wifi but it requires extra steps to connect to your access point. Once its connected to your network, ssh into it by using something like Putty.

Step 3: Install Rust

The very first dependency you must install is Rust. Simply run this command below (which is the same command you will find on their website https://www.rust-lang.org/tools/install) in your ssh session to your Pi and follow the simple install instructions.

curl –proto ‘=https’ –tlsv1.2 -sSf https://sh.rustup.rs | sh

Step 4: Install Some Linux Dependencies

You will need these dependencies listed below. Simple install by running the following command:

sudo apt install screen git gcc make curl

Step 5: Download PacketCrypt source

Next you will download a copy of the latest source of the PacketCrypt announcement miner. This can be done by cloning the GitHub repository with the following command:

git clone https://github.com/cjdelisle/packetcrypt_rs

Step 6: Change Directories

After the source finishes downloading you want to change your directory so you are inside the directory of the source you just downloaded.

cd packetcrypt_rs

Step 7: Build PacketCrypt From Source

Execute the following command to start the build process of packetcrypt_rs.

cargo build –release

Step 8: Start mining!

After the build finishes you are now ready to start mining. This is done by executing the following command while inside the packetcrypt_rs folder.

./target/release/packetcrypt ann –paymentaddr

For the pkt url you can enter more than one pool, more details here. You also need to have a wallet address before you start mining. Learn everything about wallets here.

Step 9: Happy Mining

You are not mining and earning PKT. Don’t spend it all in one place now.