October 2, 2023

Best Pool Order For Announcement Mining

If you want to maximize your announcement mining earnings, its important to try different pool orders in your mining configuration. Here at PKT Tips we are proud to share our live results. We routinely monitor all possible mining orders. With the data below you can make an informed decision about what mining order may yield the best earnings.

1. http://pool.pkt.world http://pool.pktpool.io http://pool.pkteer.com https://stratum.zetahash.com
Earnings in The Last Hour: 1.65686699468640

2. https://stratum.zetahash.com http://pool.pkt.world http://pool.pktpool.io http://pool.pkteer.com
Earnings in The Last Hour: 1.27212917897850

3. http://pool.pkteer.com https://stratum.zetahash.com http://pool.pkt.world http://pool.pktpool.io
Earnings in The Last Hour: 1.23155161924660

4. http://pool.pktpool.io http://pool.pkteer.com https://stratum.zetahash.com http://pool.pkt.world
Earnings in The Last Hour: 0.99540015403181

Data last updated: 10-02-2023 08:07:05
Local Time: 10-02-2023 08:07:09

Above you will find the earnings for each particular order in the past hour. In the future we will provide historical data and other cool improvements. Please check back soon.