June 15, 2024

About Us

PKT Tips is operated by members of the PKT blockchain community. This community mainly congregates on Discord and Telegram at the time of writing. The main purpose of this website is to spread awareness of the PKT blockchain and it’s Packetcrypt algorithm. Since the community mainly congregates in these chat rooms, it’s super common for the information about the project that is out on the web to become quickly outdated or incomplete.

A prime example of this includes some of the politics between pool owners and the respective mining policy as well as other member projects. Sometimes there are best practices that only would be known by people that participate in the chat rooms. If you are not someone who frequents the chat rooms you would completely miss out on these tips. One example of this would include the “order” of the pools when configuring your announcement mining software. Additionally, progress updates that are posted on the PKT Cash website are not super recent.

Another unique feature about our website is the Best Pool Mining Pool Order monitor that allows you to see in real time which pool order will allow you to earn the most. This is 100% unique and no other website publishes publicly mining results.

We have additional utilities in the works for our website. However as of right now we want to thank you so much for visiting our website and we ask you to stay tuned for new developments. We hope you enjoy this point of view of the PKT blockchain from the perspective of veteran, active community members.